30th Sep 2014

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22nd Sep 2014

even though tumblr user niceniceuavirgin doesn’t like bananas you should check out their blog. they are a cool person


22nd Sep 2014

niceniceuavirgin said: incredible #respect

and i #respect your dislike of bananas. the power is just too intense for some. i understand

22nd Sep 2014

niceniceuavirgin said: how did you find that post omg im laughing this is amazing

i love bananas with a fierce passion

22nd Sep 2014


i just don’t like bananas ok!!!


22nd Sep 2014

i dont care whats going on here but i want in


i dont care whats going on here but i want in

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24th Jul 2014
20th Jul 2014

Anonymous said: What is the purpose of this blog?

To share the love of bananas (for shits and gigs)

10th Jul 2014


i searched on google for tiny banana pictures and i was not disappointed in the least

9th Jul 2014


last year i was eating in a fancy, large restaurant when i began to hear a rumble and the distant sound of people chanting ‘potassium, potassium’ and suddenly hundreds of people dressed as bananas flood this restaurant chanting potassium over and over and we were trapped there for a very long time because the bananas would not leave and they were everywhere

imagei wasn’t joking